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Moto '13 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on February 26, 2013 at 1:05 PM

We're back from NERC's 10th annual Motorama Robot Conflict Event presented as part of the Motorama Motorsports Show in Harrisburg, PA. As always, this event was outstanding and we had a great time. NERC has a beautiful 16 ft x 16 ft arena that holds up to Featherweight (30lb) combat. Because the event takes places at a huge motorsports show, there's always a big crowd of spectators watching. NERC's Motorama is definitely one of my favorite events I've been to! This was my 8th year in a row competing at Motorama... either as a member of Dreadfully Wicked ('08-'13) or Malicious Intent ('05-'06). We only took two robots and ended up finishing 4-4 overall. 

(NERC's 16'x16' arena at Motorama 2013)

Here's how we did...


Traumatizer went 3-2 in the 3lb beetles with losses to event champion Mondo Bizzaro in a hard hitting fight, and team Headbangers' other robot Bubs after Traumatizer KOed itself by driving full speed into the wall. It's wins were over El Destructo, Belligerent Battler, and Chobham 2.0. All of Traumatizer's matches were really exciting this year, be sure to check out the videos!


Upchuck was back with a much more solid frame, and the 5" diameter drumette. It went 1-2 in the wicked 12lb hobbies. Upchuck had rough bracket draws... facing two other drums in its first two matches. In the opening match against Nihilisitic Naysayer, Upchuck had a few destructive hits to Nihilistic's backside, causing some frame panels and wheels to go skyward, in an exciting 2nd fight of the show. The win came with tough news though since Upchuck would have to face another drum (the STILL undefeated Cataclysm) in the next match. After losing to Cataclysm in a 2-hit KO, Upchuck's weapon assembly became slightly skewed. In the loser bracket, we were laying some big hits, but ended up throwing the drum's belt and losing by judges decision to a solid and well-driven wedge named Steelheart.


Thanks again to the NERC crew for putting on another great event. Special thanks to the following: Zac for letting me borrow his jigsaw, Jamison for allowing me to use his charger, Kyle for lending us a battery, and Toni for lending Traumatizer a receiver right before Traumatizer's match against Toni's bot Belligerent Battler. The sportsmanship and showmanship was excellent at Motorama 2013 and having Roy Hellen announcing along with Jon Durand made for a constantly entertaining time. We'll will be back... and this year it looks like we will be attending Franklin Institute in September. We will probably take Traumatizer, Upchuck, and a new sportsman. See you there!

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