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FI '13 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on September 21, 2013 at 7:40 PM

We're back from Franklin Institute. What a fun event! The fights were intense and it was great to see all the cool people we only get to see a few times per year. We ended up going 2-4 overall in the brackets and had an awesome time. Big thanks to Ed, Beth, Jon, Rob, and all involved in making the event happen. It's a great venue, nice arena, and very well run.

Here's how we did:



Traumatizer went 1-2, and was again punished by the bracket gods. It's first match was against one of kitbot's weta-kits, Play'n Krazy. PK broke one of my drive motors early in the match and without both sides of drive, Traumatizer could only waddle around and hope to get a lucky break... but that didn't happen. One of the bolts that hold Traumatizer's weapon shaft broke and the blade was ejected in a big hit. I think the PK vs Traumatizer match was the first weapon vs weapon match of the day, so it really got the crowd excited. Brandon is a good sport and actually lent me some new bolts so I could get the blade back in the robot after the fight. Thanks Brandon!


Fight 2 was a short KO win over Bazinga, last year's FI Beetleweight champion.


Mondo Bizarro somehow ended up in the losers bracket and Traumatizer had the unfortunate luck of once again fighting a weta-kit in fight 3. I lost a drive motor late in the match, and the robot started having some electrical issues, shutting down for a few seconds and then restarting. The frame got skewed on one of the big hits and the weapon belt became too loose to spin up. I lost complete radio signal with about 13 seconds left and was counted out with 3 seconds left on the clock, giving the KO win to Mondo Bizarro. MB went on to the finals and lost to the beetle champ Grande Tambor. What a great competition, I don't think a single beetleweight robot went home in one piece this weekend, except Grande Tambor!



Upchuck (currently ranked #7 on BotRank) fought in a double elimination bracket with 2 other robots... the #9 ranked Flatline and #2 Fiasco. Off Topic: I really hope BotRank gets updated and doesn't go stagnant... In the past it's been a great resource and great tool for easily ranking combat robots across the world, but unfortunately the only events that have been added since Motorama 2012 is RoboGames and ComBotsCup. Yes, I do send Bot Blast results to their webmaster.


Back on topic... In fight 1 vs Flatline, Upchuck worked exactly as designed. I tossed Flatline several times and Chuck got 1 or 2 good box slams on me. I got Flatline stuck on the wall twice, but I was nice and freed him (after ramming him a few times just for show). It went to a judges decision, and Upchuck got the win. At the end of the fight, something stuck on Flatline and bot-wrangler-Ed had to catch it, so overall this was a really entertaining fight from start to finish.


Fight 2 was the winners bracket final against the big bar spinner Fiasco. Everyone, myself included, were taking (for fun) bets on how many hits this big spinner vs big spinner match would last! I was confident that if I could survive the first 2 hits, I could get em with the 3rd... but a 3rd never came. Both bots went flying after the first hit, but nothing on either robot was damaged. Then on the 2nd hit, Fiasco hit the bottom frame panel of Upchuck right on the sweet spot, taking off a bottom piece of armor and bending part of Upchuck's frame. Upchuck sat motionless in the corner and I had no drive movement, so I tapped out. It turns out a battery pack came unplugged.


Since Flatline and Upchuck each had 1 loss, we would have to fight each other again in fight 3 (the loser braket final) to see who got to fight Fisco in the championship match. The drum worked fine at the beginning of the fight, but it stopped around the halfway point. I could hear the motor spinning, but the weapon belt wasn't cut... hmmmm. After the fight we found out the bolts that hold the weapon pulley onto the drum sheared off on one of the big hits. With my drum not spinning, Chuck (driver of Flatline) did a great job controlling the match and easily won the fight by judge's decision. Flatline forced a 2nd final with Fiaso, but Fiasco won the rematch and the 12lb Championship.


Overall I'm happy with how we did. It was one of the first times I wasn't de-drummed at an event! Big thanks everyone who makes FI happen, especially NERC and the people at the FI for providing a really cool venue and state-of-the-art arena. We'll definitely be back next year! See everyone at Motorama 2014

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