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FI '14 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on October 19, 2014 at 9:35 AM

We are back from NERC's Franklin Institute event. It was held again at the Franklin Institute science museum in Philadelphia on Oct 18, 2014. We competed with Upchuck and Traumatizer.


Traumatizer's 1st fight was against the weta kit Devastating Moment. It was a very good hard hitting match that saw both Traumatizer and Devastating Moment flying around the arena. Towards the end of the match, a bolt holding together the leads that power our drive motors came loose. This resulted in a complete loss of power to the drive system, and Traumatizer was counted out. Ooops! I usually loctite those bolts and/or use hotglue to keep them from coming apart but I must have forgotten... on to the loser bracket.


Traumatizer's 2nd fight was against a vertical spinner called 2 Taps. Traumatizer landed some hard hits early in the fight which disabled 2 Taps drive system. Another shot from Traumatizer took off a wheel of 2 Taps and the driver tapped out. A win for Traumatizer!


Traumatizer's 3rd fight was against another weta kit, the multi-time champion and #1 ranked Mondo Bizarro. What a great match... but sure to see the video. Lots of big hits, damage to both robots, and a hard hitting 3 minute slobber knocker that went to a judges decision. Mondo Bizarro was declared the winner by split judges decision and Traumatizer exited the tournament with a record of 1-2.


Upchuck fought in a round robin Hobbyweight bracket. Upchuck won it's first fight over the spinning melty-bot "Robot Ford's Meltdown" in a one-hit knockout. Upchuck then took a forfeit win over "Dumb Post Motorama Idea 12lb Edition" when builder Alex Horne from team Cookin With Gas couldn't get his robot in proper working order for the fight. With only 3 robots attending in the 12lb Hobbyweight class, Upchuck was awarded 1st Place and a 2-0 record. This is Upchuck's 2nd event win and our first time earning 1st place at Franklin Institute.


Thank you to everyone for all the congrats on Upchuck's win, and for making FI such a great event! Thank you to NERC and all the folks who do the 'behind the scenes' work that keeps combat robot events going. We hope to see everyone at Motorama 2015 in February at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg!

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