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Moto '08 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on February 21, 2008 at 3:15 PM

In February 2008 we competed again at NERC's Motorama Robot Conflict. This time we brought 4 robots... 150g Rebound, 1lb Concussion, 3lb Aggravator, and 12lb Upchuck. It was TOUGH keeping track of that many robots, even with 3 other people on my team helping me... but we managed to come home with two 2nd place finishes! Here's how the bots did:

Rebound: went 2-2 in the 150g class, good enough to tie for 2nd place. I actually beat the winner P150, but P150 went 3-1 with its only loss coming to Rebound. Rebounds 2 losses were to Robo-Sushi and Baby V.

Concussion went 1-2 in the 1lb antweights. The antweights seems particularly destructive this year. My first loss came to a wedge because I didn't place the power switch in a very safe place... oops. Concussion then had a really fun fight with team Slackers United's robot Always. After beating Always by KO, Concussion lost and was eliminated by decision to Ti Terror.

Aggravator did excellent... going 4-2 for 2nd place in the big 3lb beetle class. It's only losses came to the vertical spinner champion Yeti. Aggravator had wins over BE1, The Impenetrable, Creepy Crawler, and Pressure Point.

Upchuck had really tough draws... getting 2 undercutters to start. Fight 1 was a win over Visibility by judges decision after breaking Visibility's blade early in the match. Match 2 was against Surgical Strike, which at the time according to botrank.com was the #1 ranked 12lb robot in the world. Surgical Strike tore the drum out of Upchuck in a disgustingly destructive fight. We were able to put the robot back together to beat Redwood by KO, but then I drew a powerful ring-spinner named Ingor Eater of Souls. I tried to box rush him, because if he got the ring up to speed, I didn't like my chances. Luckilly I was able to flip him early and he tapped out before too much damage was done. That would pair me against team Rolling Thunder's other clone-bot Blunt Instrument in the losers bracket semi finals. This time the drum stayed on longer, but Blunt Instrument was able to dedrum Upchuck just a few minutes in.

We had a super time as always and will definitely be back! Thank you NERC for another fun event! Thanks to everyone who lent random parts, pieces, motors, batteries, and more. We'll be using the next 5 months to plan our own insectweight combat event, the Bot Blast.... Check back for details.

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