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Moto '09 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on February 24, 2009 at 5:45 PM

Motorama 2009 presented by NERC was a blast as usual. We took 3 robot, 2 beetleweights (Aggravator and Traumatizer), and our 12lb Upchuck. We had a brutal weekend of draws in the beetles. We didn't place this year... but here's how the bots did:

Aggravator's 1st fight was against Misdirected Aggression, a mean midcutter robot. Aggravator's wedge was torn from the robot midway through the match, and a big hit by MA ripped the entire front plate of the robot off, causing Aggravator to tap out. It took several hours, but we repaired it only to find out we had to face One Fierce Lawn Boy. OFLB had its way with Aggravator and easily took the win by knockout. Aggravator went 0-2... it was destroyed and officially retired.

Traumatizer went to the losers bracket early... getting defending champion Yeti first, a KO win over SuperPointer, and then lost in a "questionable" judges decision to Pure Dead Brilliant. Traumatizer went 1-2, but the losing record was no indication of how well it did in it's 3 fights.

Upchuck did well against a tough field of hobbyweights. In its first match, we beat the drumbot "SPUN". That put us against Foobar, a wicked vertical spinner. Upchuck layed a lucky hit that KOed Foobar, and that put Upchuck once again against its arch nemesis, Surgical Strike. Surgical Strike again took Upchuck out easily, which put Upchuck in the losers bracket against team Jz's vertical spinner Deranged. Deranged KOed Upchuck in one of the fastest fights of the year. 2 of the robots Upchuck fought, Foobar and Surgical Strike, ended up being the finalists... so Upchuck didn't feel too bad rolling away with a 2-2 record.

Thanks again to the NERC crew and everyone at the event for making it fun. We enjoyed seeing everyone that we only get to see 2 or 3 times per year! See you all next year!

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