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Moto '10 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on February 25, 2010 at 8:35 AM

We're back from another Motorama Robot Conflict presented by NERC. Unfortunately, I was very sick for this event and for some time leading up to it, so we were only able to attend with one robot, Traumatizer. We had a good time despite going 1-2 in the bracket.

Traumatizer's 1st fight was the 1st fight of Motorama 2010, the opening beetle fight against the wedge Creepy Crawler. Traumatizer won by judges decision, but then would have the misfortune of fighting back to back Team Rolling Thunder robots Weta- God of Ugly Things and Pure Dead Brilliant. The rivalry continues to grow... Traumatizer lost both fights, but we are determined to beat one of the kitbots someday.

Thank you to everyone for making Motorama awesome! Hopefully next year I'll be feeling better and we can come back more competitive than ever. It was relaxing to have only 1 robot, but it made the weekend drag on slowly... I'd rather be busy with 3 or 4 robots than bored with 1... time to start planning for next year!

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