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Moto '11 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on February 27, 2011 at 10:00 AM

We're back from another exciting Motorama. We took 3 robots (Rebound, Traumatizer, and Infuriator), and we did the best we've ever done. I was really sick leading up to Motorama last year, so this year we really wanted to get back into the competitive spirit... and we certainly did.

150g Rebound worked flawlessly. It took a first round bye and 3 wins to get to the finals. In the finals it lost once to lolcat, but in the winner-take-all double elmination rematch, Rebound won by judges decision and was crowned Champion. It was Team Dreadfully Wicked's 3rd event win. At the top of its game, Rebound was retired to make way for a new 150g design.

Our beetleweights Traumatizer and Infuriator had 2 competely different weekends. Traumatizer did great, but Infuriator last only a few seconds in the tournament. It was destroyed in a short match with Devastating Moment and had to forfeit its second fight because it couldn't be repaired. Traumatizer won it's first fight over Warpz, but was sent to the loser bracket by event champion Mr. Croup. Traumatizer did get some revenge for Infuriator, by eliminating Devastating Moment from the losers bracket later that day. Traumatizer went on to the losers bracket semi-finals where it lost a hard hitting match with One Fierce Round House.

We will be back next year with a newer version of Upchuck! See you next year. Thanks to everyone who we borrowed random parts and pieces from throughout the weekend. Thanks to Ed, Beth, Al, Alan, Jon, and ALL the NERC people for putting on another great show at the PA Farm Show Complex.

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