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Moto '12 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on February 20, 2012 at 10:15 AM

NERC put on another outstanding event at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. We competed with 150g Rebound, 3lb Traumatizer, and a brand new version of Upchuck (12lb) and had one heck of a great time despite not doing so well in the competition.


Rebound went 1-2, with its losses coming to Tracked Terror (the event winner) and Baby V (2nd place), so I didn't feel so bad about the losses. Fairyweight bots are become much more vicious, so Rebound will be retired to make way for a new 150g robot.


Traumatizer went 4-2, with one of its losses coming by forfeit due to a battery melt down just minutes before its fight with Didactic Duelist, and I already had used its one postponement for the day. Traumatizer's most impressive win was its first match, in which it nearly destroyed Revenge of Dr. Super Brain. Revenge of Dr. Super Brain amazingly fought its way back through the loser bracket and actually won the entire event, so I didn't feel too bad knowing that I had beaten the overall winner. Traumatizer was eliminated in a really awesome hard-hitting match with Ripto. I was bummed we lost a drive motor on one of the big hits with Ripto... I'm fairly confident we could have won it all.


Upchuck did well in its return at 2-2, but took a very bad beating from Fiasco in its final match. I may be able to salvage some of the frame, but much of the robot will have to be totally rebuilt again for Motorama 2013. We learned a few things from the loss, and it should allow us to make the frame stronger in the future. Upchuck's wins were a high flying one over War Drums, and a KO win over Oppenheimer.

Thanks to everyone involved with NERC for putting on such a great tournament. The fighting was intense, and most of the competitors are great people and even better friends. Thanks to anyone who I borrowed random parts, pieces, and tools from throughout the 3 days. See ya next year at Motorama 2k 13!

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