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Pennbots '07 Event Report

Posted by Jeremy Campbell on October 3, 2007 at 3:30 PM

We decided to build a new 150g robot and wanted to see if Aggravator could continue its success, so we registered for PennBots' Fall 2007 event called "Fall Fling". It is put on by the Robotics Club of PA called PennBots. They have a nice 4'x8' arena with pits (constantly open) on each end of the arena. The fact that the pits are open ALL the time was a big advantage for Aggravator... I could simply push every robot into them. This event took place at Yellow Breeches school in Boiling Springs, PA. Here's how the bots did:

Rebound went 1-2 in its first ever event. We wanted to build a 150g robot to add to our fleet, so we went with a simple undercutter design. We used hacked Servos for drive and a small aluminum bar for a weapon. The battery was a 300mAh liPo. We learned a lot from its first tournament, and we are confident it will be a top contender with some more improvements.

Aggravator dominated the 3lb beetleweight class. It went a perfect 3-0 in the tournament, depositing every competitor into one of the instant-DQ pits. In the beetleweight rumble, Aggravator put all 3 of the other robots into the pits in less than 30 seconds. After 3 events of fine-tuning, we are ready to take Aggravator to Motorama in February. See you all there!

Thanks to the PennBots crew for putting on the event. We had a fun time and hope to attend another PennBots event some day.

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